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Come as you are and welcome to my Nirvana website.  From Seattle, Washington, along with Jimi Hendrix,  Nirvana made a lasting impact on the rock music scene that will continue to influence musicians and music fans alike.  Contrary to what some might think, Nirvana was not just Kurt Cobain.  It was a magical mixture that produce the sum total of what Nirvana was and still is (who cares what the bitch thinks and I don't have to say her name).  If you are not a fan this Nirvana outsider, because she certainly had nothing to do with the band, you will be pleased to know that her image will not be found on my website. Once again welcome, come as you are, enjoy and don't take shit from no one.

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Today Dave Grohl turns 35.

2-16-05-- Back In Action!!!
It's been too long I had to bring the site back to life. I know it's been down for over a year and I'm still working on making the site better with more updates and more features.

Today marks the 10 year anniversary "MTV Unplugged in New York" was recorded.  

Kurt and Courtney Voted Most Popular Rock and Roll Couple
Kurt and Courtney made the tabloids again, but the news isn't bad. The 'Daily Record' reports that Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were voted the most popular rock and roll couple in a recent magazine poll, beating out Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson in the process.

i just added a message forum to the site. i thought "what the hey". we'll just see how it goes i guess. peace.

hey everybody,
okay i got some news that i thought i should put up.
Krist Novoselics's band Eyes Adrift has broken up =(. To read more about it go to The Offical Eyes Adrift website. Also Krist has said that he will no longer be in the music industry.
Krist said, "As far as the music industry goes, I quit. I can't deal. I can't read the magazines, listen to the radio or watch music television without feeling like I've just come in from outer space. I just dont get it and I probably never did. My lot in life is that every band I've ever been in just falls apart. That hurts but Ive got a thick hide from years of conditioning. Now please take note that I haven't quit music, Ive just quit the business..." .
I wish Krist the best=).
More News....
Dave Ghrol has gotten married. Dave and his girlfriend (Jordyn Blum) got married on August 2nd .  

Happy birthday to Frances Bean Cobain and Happy birthday to my friend Robert.

Timeline is now up.

2 new links added!!!
do yourselves a favor and skip the Osbournes tomarrow. 

i've been working on my site alot lately. i have been fixing up the picture pages, adding more pictures, organizing them, fixing the lyrics page, and i'm adding bio's and a timeline. i'm working on getting more downloads too. if you have any idea's on how i can improve my site or if there's something that you would like to see on my site, your input is appreciated. be sure to vote for my site at The Top 25 Nirvana Sites. Thanx.

made a few changes in the picture area *i'm still working on it*. i might change the layout. if u got any pictures that u want on my site*please none w/that female that had nothing to do with the band* send them and i'll put them up. if you have any idea's on what i can do to make my site better please tell me. please vote for this site at Top 25 Nirvana Sites.

hey everyone,
i just wanted to say i am currently working on my this site. i'm adding new pix. i'm gonna organize the pix. try and add downloads. change the look a bit and many more things to come. it's gonna look great *God i hope so*. ttyl.

now that i will have more time with school being out and so on, i will make a few changes to this site. some new things will be added,more pix,and a couple of things will be changed a bit but it'll be alright=). i'm gonna start making change's in 2 weeks *i'll be out of town so i can't start sooner*. be sure to vote for my site on the Top 25 NIRVANA SITES. thanx.

Today Krist Novoselic turns 38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIST!!!

Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters rolled into town Monday, 4-21-03 for a performance before an enthusiatic crowd of  4,000 fans. Opening the show were Cave In and The Transplants.  Both bands had their work cut out for them as everyone was eagerly awaiting the Foo Fighters.  The band took the stage at approximately 9:30 PM and proceeded to rock the place for an hour and a half.  The show started with the band playing the opening riff to All My Life behind a sheer curtain which came down when the band got into the heart of the song.  This got the avid crowd of 4,000 on their feet for the duration of the show. The band followed immediately with The One and from then on the hits kept coming. At various points in the show, Dave would stop in the middle of a song and go into a humorous monologue and then returned right back where he left off.  Dave even ventured into the crowd at one point to the delight of the crowd in the upper level. As a side note, Dave must have had BBQ chicken as he mentioned he could still taste it and burped multiple times to prove it. During one of Dave's monologues he mentioned the last time playing San Antonio as opening act for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the fact they were only allowed to play 40 minutes. "I wouldn't want to have us open for us" said Dave referring to the fact that they blew the Peppers away with their abbreviated set. The Foo Fighters ended their set of straight on Rock 'N Roll with This Is A Call and came back for an encore that started with Learn To Fly and ended with the crowd favorite Everlong. To summarize, the band kicked ass and took names for approximately an hour and a half with one of the best shows I've had a chance to witness.  Don't miss them when they come to your town, otherwise you'll kick yourself in the ass later.   

April 5th - April 8th
April 5th comes again as a reminder of the tragic loss of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.  With the recent release of "YKYR", we can only imagine what could have been.  Please visit the tag board with your thoughts and comments.  Hopefully, the box set will surface this year and give us a chance to hear the greatest music to come out of Seattle, no disrespect to James Marshall Hendrix. What happened, happended...the music lives forever.

i finally got a tag-board now. if u wanna go to it just click the link @ the top. laterz.

I'm excited to report that next month I'm going to see former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl perform with his band the Foo Fighters April.21 . Ought to be a great show!!!

Happy Birthday Kurt!!!! It's hard to belive he would have been 36 years old. Happy Birthday Kurt!!!!

2-1-03-My sympathy goes out to the famlies of the 7 astronauts who lost their lives this morning. R.I.P.


i moved some pics around(i thought they looked sloppy).added 2 new links.and i am adding a new page to this site real soon.peace

sign the guestbook.also added a new page.


12-25-02--Merry X-Mas

Hope you like the new look.Merry X-Mas.

I just added "You Know You're Right" on my site for you to download.Hope ya like it.

Added more pix. Happy Holidays!!!

please sign the new guestbook.

I just added a new page to my site. I hope ya'll like it.

hi, sorry i haven't updated lately(been busy).i added the lyrics to Incesticide today.peace.

11-9-02: I just got the new Nirvana c.d. .It rocks. Go get a copy.

changed web address.

anywho,I just added a few pics to my site.later dudes.

I just heard "You Know You're Right" 3 days ago,and I gotta say,"it's the best thing I ever heard" .I'll try to get it on my site soon.I can't wait for the box-set/ c.d. to come out.NIRVANA ROCKS!!!

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